Sugar by Fresh.

“Sugar is a natural humectant known to prevent moisture loss.”

The Sugar Kiss and Tell set (kit pour les lèvres au sucres).

One of my favorite lip products for years now. This is some of the best balm I have ever tried, and Fresh Sugar works wonders for me. My lips had a tendency to be dry, but these completely renewed my lips! Here is some information on the lip-care products I’ve photographed above:

Sugar lip treatment:
An ultra-nourishing treatment

Sugar lip treatment advanced therapy:
Nourishes and smoothes wrinkles

Sugar nourishing lip balm advanced therapy:
Smoothes and softens dry lips

Sugar rosé tinted lip treatment:
A sheer rose tint

Sugar petal tinted lip treatment:
A bold pink blossom tint

These little guys will work wonders for your lips. They’re definitely worth investing in! 

I’ll attach some links bellow to their website. You can also find Fresh products at any Sephora store.

Shop here and here

I hope you enjoyed reading, and have a lovely Monday! 

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