I went to Montreal last weekend to celebrate my birthday! It is suuuch a beautiful city. I can definitely imagine myself moving there soon (fingers crossed for 2017). Here are some of the cute looks I put together while I was in Montreal! I had so much fun styling all of these stunning pieces from various collaborations. It’s safe to say I am currently loving blush pink! I hope you all have an amazing weekend and beginning of week. Ps: I have also included a detailed list (and links) to all of the items I am wearing, so I’ve made it much easier for those of you who have been eyeing some of these pieces on my Instagram feed! X


Instagram: @paremilie 


Blush pink dress: Saylor Dress | http://www.elyzaonline.com

Blush pink phone case: Richmond&Finch | http://www.richmondfinch.com

Blush pink reflective sunglasses and over-sized gold sunglasses: Starlight Rose Reflective Shades and Caryln Gold Round Sunglasses | http://www.framedsunglassesboutique.co.uk

Wrist wear: Audaviv | http://www.audaviv.com

Shoes: Simmie Nude Mule | Daniel footwear | http://www.danielfootwear.com

Off the shoulder crop top: posh square | http://www.poshsquare.com

Peach long top: vavavoom | http://feedshop.it/vavavoom_ie

Blush pink bucket bag: Hieleven | https://www.hieleven.com

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