I strongly believe gold metal frames are going to be huge this upcoming season! 

Here, I am wearing the majestic Chopin Gold frames from Polette eye wear.They sit perfectly on my nose and dress up any casual outfit! 

Polette has a beautiful collection of designer frames and offer numerous colour possibilities. What’s also great is how affordable they are! (For those of you wear prescription glasses, you know how expensive they can sometimes be – eek!) They have numerous trends available which is especially great for fashion lovers and trendsetters. 

I hope you have a lovely day,

Shop here: Chopin Gold Glasses
“Tel une musique berçant votre vie, Chopin Gold harmonise votre style. Longée de métal, ce modèle est doté de formes rectangulaires et gracieuses. Une paire de lunettes couronnée d’un pont digne des plus grands souverains. Majestueuse! 

Une noble monture agrémentée de détails en reliefs sur l’avant des branches.”

Posted by:paremilie

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