Thank you for visiting my online gallery! I hope you enjoy my paintings as much as I enjoyed making them.

Artist Statement:
“The concept of chance versus control has taken a lead in my artistic practice. I question the materiality of my surfaces and the effects of establishing new formalist perspectives. In my abstract paintings, I use materials that create juxtapositions between medium, color, shape and texture. I paint in an organic way, where the layers respond in a spontaneous way to what preceded them. Through a complex layering system that I have created, I combine acrylic paint and high gloss pouring medium, that appears wet when dry, to create seamless surfaces. When combined with a glossy, synthetic finish, the black acrylic paint becomes a dark blue. This degradation of materials that occurs is an integral part of my process. While considering the unity of the piece, I first allow the painting to take on its own life using chance, then intervention and eventually, complete control. The fine markers crystallize the notion of control in the work, because they tighten up the work largely between the drying stages.” – Emilie

Abstract Art
I currently focus on creating abstract art, through a detailed process of layering pouring medium on wooden panels.

Contact and Commission
If you would like a commissioned piece, you may contact me by email at to further discuss the details such as the scale and pallet of choice.

Higher quality images of the listings are available upon request.